Being an outstanding professional behind the bar requires a lot of creativity. Who better than a professional bartender to manage your cocktail bar?

point of sale

If you’re a business owner or hotel or restaurant manager, hire a professional bartender and let him create his own cocktails and elaborate an exclusive bar menu.

point of sale

He knows! So seek advice from him.

By giving him the best working tools, he will feel that his talent is valued and that you’re committed to support him. You will gain his trust and thus generate a better environment for you customers.

Our drinks trolleys are the perfect tool to help bartenders to make the best drinks.

  • Work as a portable bar fully equipped to make any cocktail for your customers and allow them to focus on better customer service.

  • Hotels and restaurants will see how sales increase, gain more reputation and will stand out from the competition.

Mewindo drinks trolleys will allow you to create art in any corner of your establishment and become a professional in cocktail service.

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So, ¡EVOLVE AND SURPRISE.! Your clients and bartenders will appreciate it.

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